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Resize To Media


Reisze To Media is an extension for Google Chrome which main function is to resize the browser window to match the size of the largest video, image or flash element on the current page.



Resize to Media button in the browser

Click the Resize To Media button Resize To Media button icon to resize the browser window to the size of the largest video, image or flash element on the current page.

Click the button again to restore the previous size.

Right click the button and choose Options to change settings.


Using Google Chrome click the following link to install:

Install Reisze To Media extension

Note: It requires access to data on websites and tabs to be able to find the element that the window should be resized to. This happens only when you click the button. No information is ever gathered or sent from the extension.

Version History

Version 0.4, 2012-03-19
  • New: Possible to restore compact windows.
  • New: Compact pop-outs pop back in. Resize the window to restore it.
  • New: Automatically re-apply Resize To Media when browsing to other pages.
  • Fix: Now works for content in iframes.
  • Fix: Restored window will be maximize if it was before.
  • Fix: Works better with dynamic content.
  • Fix: Ignores hidden content.
Version 0.3, 2012-03-13
  • New: Opens tab in a resized popout window if any other tabs open in current window.
  • New: Uses a compact pop-out window.
  • New: Options page and settings.
Version 0.2, 2012-03-07

Added canvas to detected elements.

Version 0.1, 2012-03-06

First public version.


Created by Andreas Zetterlund,